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New Recipe Anyone?
New Recipe Anyone?


Tonight's meeting was hosted by Stephanie Brehm.

Eight members attended.

Erica, Stephanie, Cherise, Izzy, Dorothy, Trish, Dawn and Kari.  Also in attendance was a perspective new member, Teresa, who is s neighbor of Cherise's.

Cherise has had to put away the party pontoon boat for the season.  Tiez's "Bat Cave" is now completed, YAY!!!  K-9 training with Casey recently went very well.  Big News at the Caradine household:  Cyann is now potty-trained!!!  Yahoo!!!

Dorothy has been extremely busy at work and getting ready for trip to Germany to visit the Schwartz family. As I type this, I am just recently back from that trip and it was Fabulous!!  The weather was beautiful, lots of color and temps in the 60s.  Had a Wonderful Visit with Chris and the whole family.  Took some sightseeing trips, watched movies, played games, ate good food, and relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.  Now getting my house in order to host family Thanksgiving.  Then prepare for the trip to SanDiego for Christmas for a week.  Time is flying too quickly!!

Erica is taking her boards again soon, but doesn't want to say when.  She and Mark are doing well.  She is still working at Dean and the East Towne Red Robin.  She does Not approve of Mandatory flu vaccinations.'

Kari Got Engaged!!!  Not sure of a wedding date or what type of arrangements they will make as far as a Destination Wedding, a reception or a party later, etc.......  Vegas was doing well, but I see on fb that he is now healing from some sort of injury.  She and Del have adopted an injured kitty.  Her dad had emergency surgery on his shin and is doing well.

Stephanie and Todd are doing well.  She has recently lost some hearing in both ears, and seen several doctors.  No one can figure out what is wrong.  She has been diagnosed with tinitus.

Dawn and family have now moved to Beloit.  She and Luke are doing well.  She is still doing her Premiere Jewelry and restaraunt work, and is also now working part-time at "First Impressions" , a new salon, where she does nails. Her 2 boys also are doing well and keep her very busy.

Tricia and Jonas are expecting their first baby in January!!!  Gender and name will be a surprise.  They took a 12-day Med. Cruise and she was sick.  Didn't know she was pregnant at the time.  She has a new position at work.

Izzy and Pete are doing well.  All 4 kids are also doing great.  Sadly, they had to put Quin down recently.  He was 15 years old.

Teresa is a friend of Stephanie and Cherise's and lives near Cherise.  She is married and has a 19 and 14 year old children.